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Thread: MY Force Unleashed 3 thoughts...

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Re: MY Force Unleashed 3 thoughts...
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some of you're ideas are pretty cool - specially gameplay and bosses
Here's how I make it though planet range might diverse...

Fot me they can never reach Dantooine for it is the abandoned hidden rebel base the imperials find and Tarkin decide to blow up Alderaan.

so my story in general follows

let me know what you think

Juno and Starkiller leave Kamino... Fett follows
Meanwhile Vader's apprentice comes out of hiding and releases his master:
"The plan is in motion,,, now we will know the location of the rebels' secret base"
Vader kills all rebel troops and confronts Kota which is killed.
Act 2
Starkiller however isn't going to Dantooine... He plans to revisit a little green friend on Dagobah for he feels there's more to him than meets the eye.
But when they come out of Hyperspace Fett jumps on them and fires against the Rogue Shadow.
Juno and Starkiller realize they've been followed and need help but can't risk exposing the Rebellion
Boba Fett realizes his attack was precocious and warns Vader
Vader warns him that failure is not an option.
Juno and Starkiller make a desperate jump to a nearby planet where allies can be found and they can repair their ship: first to Sullust and then Naboo - check the galaxy map
Starkiller lands on Theed knowing that the local government does not support the empire. He must contact them and ask for help. He thinks he has lost the bounty Hunter but he has not.
Boba warns Vader
Act 3
Vader having sensed the odds of such an occurrence after Boba’s communication had dispatched a battalion from Geonosis to Naboo.
Starkiller fights his way through imperial troops only to find the Queen of Naboo had been murdered and a Moff had taken her place.
Starkiller defeats the Moff (bossbattle) but neglects to protect Juno who is captured by Boba Fett .
Starkiller sees Slave 1 leaving the planet
With Theed overrun and the Rogue Shadow lost Starkiller’s only way out is Otoh Gunga
Act 4
In Otoh Gunga he is taken to the current boss. He demands Starkiller to leave the city wanting no trouble with the empire.
Starkiller asks for a ship to leave but his request is denied. He is given an ultimatum: one day to leave Otoh Gunga or they would turn him to the Empire.
That night Kota comes to Starkiller in his Dreams and tells him not all is lost for he still has friends in the galaxy. He tells he should save the light in his heart for a darker hour approaching.
That same night Starkiller plans an assault to the starport in oder to retake the Rogue Shadow

Act 5
Starkiller manages to reach the ship but is stopped by Vader and a captive Maris Brood (captured by shadow guards on Felucia)
Vader tells her that if she can defeat Starkiller he would spare her and even take her up as his apprentice
(boss battle)
Maris seeing her power is lesser to Starkiller and realizing that the dark side would only be an even worse prison than Felucia asks him for forgiveness and turns on Vader giving Starkiller a chance to escape.
Maris is Killed by Vader.

Act 6
Starkiller leaves for Alderaan wondering if Bail might know where Juno might have been taken.
He tells him that he doen’s t knowbut might know someone who does: Jabba the Hutt.
Starkiller leaves for Tatooine

Act 7
When approaching Tatooine, Starkiller loses control of the Ship due to a sand strom. The Rogue Shadow falls. Surprisingly, Starkiller survives the crash but is injured. He crashed near a moisture farm and feels Vader’s presence but at peace… he doesn’t understand and feels confused and asks Kota for help. But he is only met with the presence of a young couple of farmers holding child by the hand.
They offer him aid and a ride in a turbocycle hoover to mos eisley. He thanks them and glances back at the young boy… knowing the future will never be the same.
- - In the mountain horizon an ageing Kenobi wonders who that might be - -

Act 8
Jabba’s palace.
Starkiller forces an audience with Jabba. Meeting does not go well but. Boba is present and asks for Strakiller’s arrest. He promises to split the bounty with Jabba. ButJabba wants it all to himself. Battle with several bounty hunters and rancors. Eventually it is Boba who helps Starkiller to escape but only because he’d prefer to let him escape rather than be captured by someone else.
Starkiller sees a chance to reach for Juno
He confronts Boba (boss battle)and wins. He has a deal for him. If he took him to Vader he could collect his reward and then leave. He had no quarrel with him. A mutual benefit for both.
Boba reluctantly accepts but warns him they can’t leave in his ship for “fellow” bounty hunters would be surveilling slave 1 trying to snatch the catch of the day from Boba.
Boba introduces Starkiller to a young merchant/gambler Lando Calrissian: he would take him offworld in the Millenium Falcon for a fee… Starkiller uses persuasion
But a dark hooded man (the apprentice) appears and gives chase to Starkiller.
After a fight that Starkiller loses, he is force to flee.
When all seemed lost the Millenium falcon appears flying next to Starkiller that with the help of force jump makes it to the entry platform… therefore escaping

The Millenium Falcon docks with Slave 1 on the arranged coordinates and starkiller pretends to be Boba’s prisoner… once he knows where they are going he smashes some of slave 1’s circuits and jumps back into the millennium falcon.
They fly to Corellia.

Act 10
In Corellia, Starkiller needs to infiltrate The Imperial Governor’s Hall.
Lando offers help and finds a young imperial cadet Han Solo that has been tempering with security access cards. Lando befriends Han which through some more force persuasion offers the clearance security cards.
Starkiller says goodbye to them both. Both are unaware and don’t realize the Force has messed up with their minds despite being strong willed…
Act 11
Starkiller pushes through the imperial building until reaching the top where Vader awaits with Juno in custody. As long as she lives I will control you…
From the Shadows the dark apprentice appears.
Who is he? –Starkiller asks
Vader - He is you… you are him… But he was first… you are but a replica… a clone…Kill him
Yes master – the dark apprentice replies.
But Juno stands in the way
To Starkiller –You can’t kill him! He is…you! He saved us all…H has just forgotten it… we can bring him back
Starkiller – Are you saying you believe this lie?
Juno –I don’t know what to think… but Vader is the only real enemy here…
Starkiller – Juno, stand aside….
Juno-I can’t…. I love him…you
Starkiller feels confused and is nearly losing it when he remembers Kota’s words. He holds on to the light and casts away all his demons. Be it true or a lie he must rescue Juno…

But in that moment the apprentice strikes Juno from the back (Vader style)… don’t hold back … brother…
Starkiller wins with force lightning but is near death. He stands to fight Vader but the dark Lord cuts his Lightsaber in two… Starkiller kneels before him… feeling beaten and tired.
Starkiller- Is it true…? Am I a clone…?
Vader- Yes…. But infused with more force power than the original… It seemed however this made you resistant to the seduction of the Darkside as you clang to memories that were not your own. They were his (pointing to the deceased body of the real Starkiller).
Starkiller – Then it seems I have won…
Vader – Won?
Starkiller –Your cloning process is a failure… the rebellion is growing… and you can never again control me…
Vader stops to admire his total defeat.
Starkiller drags himself near to Juno’s body and holds her. He kisses her but her soul had gone to the force already.
Starkiller,coughing and nearly dying, turns to Vader:
I have seen your future. You will destroy the emperor.
Vader-Yes… I have forseen it.
Starkiller- You don’t understand… There’s still light in your heart
Vader- (breathes) no … it is…too late

Image fades to blackness

Starkiller’s voice- No I’ve seen it…
…….. him …

…and it shines bright!
Vader’s breathes heavily


kinda like this end cause it introduces hope though demonstrating vader's defeat and completing the circle... it seems grand and dramatically challenging in a director's point of view

If you people at LucasArts like this... contact me for there is plenty more on developing this story - what is posted is only basic storyline


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MY Force Unleashed 3 thoughts...
Posted: Sep 26, 2011 2:54 PM
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Okay, we all have our own ideas and desires for how the third Force Unleashed will be, these are mine...

Gameplay Specifics:

--Capability of changing Lightsaber styles: Single Blade, Twin Blades, Dual Blade, etc. each with their own pros and cons (single blade gives power bonus, twin blades gives you better defense, dual blade gives you better offense, or something such as this).

--As well as the usual Stormtroopers and Rebel soldiers to fight, the inclusion of the Emperors Hand, Eyes, Reach, and Voice to bring more challenge to the game.

--Each level being actually two parts (similar to how it was done in Force Unleashed 2), with a smaller boss fight at the end of part 1 and the main boss fight at the end of part 2 for each.

Story Specifics:

--First Level (aka Tutorial Level); Is on Dantooine, taking place directly after the events of Force Unleashed 2, Vader is being held at the Rebel base to stand trials for his war crimes when Slave-1 shows up with the Dark Clone onboard. For this level you will play as the Dark Clone breaking into the Rebel base on Dantooine to rescue your master Lord Vader. During your assault through the Rebel Base you eventually come across Lord Vader and free him, at this time Rahm Kota and the "Failed" Clone arrive, a battle ensues. Once defeated, a cinematic would engage showing the force of the Dark Clone and Vader together being too much for Kota and Starkiller to handle, Starkiller being blown back and Kota being killed. The cinematic would go on to show the Slave-1 approach (being piloted by none other than Boba himself), and the Dark Clone and Vader would use it to escape.

-Second Level; beginning on this level the player would play as the Good Clone. After being left for dead, you were rescued by Juno and taken to safety, through a vision you had while unconscious you immediately know that Kota is dead and a great sorrow fills you. Wanting to go and take the fight back to Vader and the Dark Clone, you are stopped by Juno reasoning with you that you are too weak to confront the two at your current state and that your abilities could be better served helping rescue a high member of the Rebellion (Ackbar) who has been captured and currently being held on Coruscant. On Coruscant as you are rescuing Ackbar you also you are attacked by Mara Jade. eventually gaining the upper hand and Mara Jade retreats.

-Third Level; you again take control of the Dark Clone. Vader tells you of how during the Rebel fight on Coruscant a woman known as Mara Jade attacked the Good Clone. Vader goes on to tell you that the Emperor has been spying on him (Vader) with this Mara Jade and that he would like you to kill her and make it look like it was done by the Good Clone himself. You are then sent to Tatooine where Mara Jade is believed to have gone after her battle on Coruscant. On Tatooine you fight your way through sand raiders, eventually meeting both Luke Skywalker and Old Ben (remembering that you are to make it look as if you are the Good Clone, you resist the urge to kill these two). The Latter making you question what it means to be a Jedi and a Sith and commenting on there being a planet known as Dagobah that he should visit. On the way back to the spaceport you are attacked by a Rebel group along with Kyle Kataran who uses his Force empowered visions to see you are not the Good Clone as you say you are and to anticipate your moves and dodge them. Eventually gaining the upperhand you defeat him but hold back on killing him, thinking back to what Old Ben had said. The cinematic then shows you land on a Imperial Shipyard for repairs and speak to Grand Moff Tarken, telling him to tell Vader he will be a little late and that he's headed to the planet Dagobah.

-Fourth Level; back in control of the Good Clone, the Rebellion has come to the conclusion that there will be no winning the battle against the Empire without more ships, and so they send a group to capture and commandeer a Empire Shipyard. Hearing that the Dark Clone was seen at this shipyard the Good Clone goes with them for hopes that it will lead him to the Dark Clone. Battling your way through the shipyard, you help the Rebel get their hands on several dozen ships, eventually you confront Grand Moff Tarken who begins to send waves upon waves of soldiers, TIE fighters, and the like at you. Destroying them all you eventually get to the Grand Moff but are then stopped by Boba Fett. Remembering how Boba helped the Dark Clone attack the Rebel base you partially blame him for Kota's death. Eventually gaining the upperhand, Boba retreats leaving Grand Moff Tarken to fend for himself. Making him tell you where the Dark Clone has gone, he tells you that he had left for Dagobah only minutes before your attack and that if you take his personal transport you could get there before him, you throw the Grand Moff to the ground, run for his personal transport and take off.

-Fifth Level; on Dagobah the player will begin playing as the Dark Clone, the player will proceed through the Cave, encountering visions of Sith (Darth Revan, Count Dooku, Darth Maul, Ventress, etc.) each assaulting him both physically and mentally. After each vision the view will shift to the Good Clone also proceeding through the Cave from a different enterance, himself being assaulted both physically and mentally by visions of great Jedi (Obi Wan, Mace Windu, Qui Gon, Yoda, etc.). Eventually both will make it to the core of the cave, The two begin to do battle, as the battle progresses the view shifts from Good Clone to Bad Clone and back again. Eventually the Evil Clone gains the upperhand and allows the player to commence a sequence event. Once the sequence event is started the Good Clone will catch the Evil Clone offguard and immediately become the star of the sequence event. After the sequence event showing the Good Clone tear through the Evil Clone and bring him and inch from death, a cinematic will immediately play showing the Good Clone about to deliver the finishing blow when suddenly Yoda appears between the two of you. Yoda tells you how you cannot kill him, the Good Clone asks why, and Yoda reveals how you and he are one being (something like "Two you may be, One but you are")... When you question him he gives one of his usual enigmatic revelations ("Clones you may once be, Two halves of the same you are now"). Perplexed by his words, you decide to let the Evil Clone live. You call Juno and the Rogue Shadow to come pick you up.

-Sixth Level; back onboard the Rogue Shadow, a Rebel transmission is received detailing information about an infiltration team that was lost onboard the Death Star, intended to get ahold of crucial details of the Death Star itself. The Good Clone decides to take the fight back to Vader and at the same time, retrieve the crucial information the Rebellion needs. Using the Rogue Shadow and it's capabilities to sneak past sensors, you get onboard the Death Star, having Juno stay away stealthed until he calls her back. Leaving the unconscious Evil Clone in Juno's care, you begin your way through the Death Star. Eventually freeing the captured infiltration team and getting the plans, you get them to a Hanger and help them escape but get separated on the way. You are then told of the comms center and to head there to transmit the plans. After doing so, you tell Juno to meet you at the only location still accessible to space (all the hangers have been closed off). You then begin your way to the "planet-destroying" lasers maintenance dock. Only feet away from the Rogue Shadow you are confronted by Darth Vader himself. As you battle you again go into a sequence event. After the sequence event a cinematic plays out, with Juno watching on in the stealthed Rogue Shadow, Vader gains the upperhand and kills the Good Clone, as Juno screams out in horror, the Evil Clones eyes pop open and he blasts himself out of the Rogue Shadow. Now fighting Vader as the Evil Clone you beat Vader to near death and begin another sequence event. After the sequence event and another cinematic, the player is given the choice of going with the dark side or the light side.

Light Side ending: If the player goes with the light side ending, then the Evil Clone drops his lightsabers by the defeated Vader, tells him something to the effect of , "I am through with this war, I am not your puppet or anyone else, From here on I am the true Galen Marek. I let you live here and now, if you do not chase me then you do not have to worry about seeing me again...", the cinematic then shows the Rogue Shadow take off and go into hyperspeed. Onboard the Rogue Shadow we see the room the Evil Clone blasted out of has been sealed off and Juno asking Galen where they should go now, Galen reply's "away, somewhere very far away...". We then see Vader standing up with the Emperor walking in. Seeing the dead clone on the ground, the Emperor asks where the other is, Vader replies, "... dead my master, his body vaporized in the energy coils of the Death Star" (pulsating energy coils that would be within the final state itself).

Dark Side ending: The player kills Vader and then looks up to find the Emperor walking into the room, The Clone immediately begins assaulting the Emperor in every way imaginable. Force choking, Lighting, Grip, etc. eventually telling the Emperor how "Your legacy is over, it's time for a new rule" and throws the Emperor into the Death Star's energy coil. Turning back to Juno and the Rogue Shadow he holds out his hand and yells to Juno, "come my queen" our empire awaits. Starkiller and Juno are then seen walking back through the Death Star with Stormtroopers and Royal Guard kneeling as they approach two thrones and sit down.

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