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Need Help! Last Level! I think something is wrong with my copy.
Need Help and Advise!!!!! I somehow passed the piano level and the level with 15 bad guys in the ro...
Re: Odin cargo bay, Need help!!!
I got past he piano BS. But, I'm stuck with the 15 to 500 guys kicking my A$$. The hot set environ...
Re: Odin cargo bay, Need help!!!
Nope, still can't do it. You can't move the piano around fast enough to do it. Kids are suppose to...
Re: Please help!
OK! I did this by accident the first time. Look at the map on the stone alter. There are four pla...
Re: Odin cargo bay, Need help!!!
Ya, not working. The controls don't respond fast enough. How long was this level? How many enimie...