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Do I have to be registered to use the forums?
Anyone can read the messages posted by other fans. However, to participate in the discussions you'll have to be 13-years-old or over, and a Lucas Online registered member. By using the forums, you also agree to the site's Terms of Service.

Basic Lucas Online membership is free. To become a member, click here.

Once you register, be sure to check your email to confirm your registration. Confirming your email address will ensure that you to continue receiving Lucas Online newsletters (Homing Beacon, Delta Source, Keeping Up With the Joneses and others) and that you can post in our message boards in the future.

What if I never got a confirmation email?
If you don't have a confirmation email, or have misplaced it, simply click here to have a confirmation email sent to you. Once you receive the email, open it and click on the confirmation link. You will be sent to a web page confirming your acceptance. By simply clicking on the link in the email, you will confirm your email address.

What if I confirmed my email address but still cannot use the forums?
The forums need time to process your email confirmation. If you recently confirmed your email address, please wait and then try again.

How can I change my registration information?
To change your email address, password, avatar, or newsletter preferences, click here.

For your security, you will be asked for your login email and password before being presented with your account options. When you're on the message boards, clicking on the "My Settings" button will get you to the page where you can change your information.

How do I login?
To login to the forums, click the "Sign in" link at the top of the page or click here. From there you enter your email address and password.

What do I do if I forgot my password?
To reset your password, simply click the "Sign in" link and then click the "Forgot my Password" link or click here. After typing your email address and pressing the submit button, you will receive an email with a new password.

What are discussion forums?
Discussion forums allow you to share ideas, opinions and information quickly and easily. Organized by threads in an easy-to-follow format, discussion forums are designed so you can quickly locate information, find other knowledgeable users and participate in conversations.

How is forum content organized?
The content in the forums is structured as follows:

  • Forum Categories: Categories represent a collection of forums as well as other categories. Often, categories are used to organize forums into a tree structure so members can find the right discussions more easily.
  • Forums: Forums are the areas where individual discussions take place as a listing of threads.
  • Threads: Threads are the discussions that consist of one or more messages displayed as a list, or in a tree structure of messages and their replies.
  • Messages: Messages are the individual discussion posts made by community members.

How do I create a thread or post a reply?
To start a new thread, choose the appropriate forum and select Post New Thread. Type your thread header in the subject line and type a message in the message box. Before you are about to post, you can spell check your message by clicking on Spell Check. You can also choose to watch the thread (which will add it to you watch list, and allow you to receive email notifications when new posts are made) by clicking the Watch This Thread box.

When you are satisfied with your message, you can preview your message to see how it will appear when posted by clicking on Preview. Or you can post your message without previewing it by clicking Post Message.

To post a reply to a thread, select the reply icon next to the message you would like to reply to. If you want to respond to specific text from the original message, click on Quote Original, and that will add the text from the original post in your message.

Can I add text formatting and HTML to my messages?
The LucasArts message boards support wiki-style syntax for bolding, italics, underline, and linking.

The interface for composing messages includes buttons for formatting text, and also includes a guide for the supported wiki-style syntax.

For example, typing: "This is *bold* text, and this is +italicized+ text" will appear as "This is bold text, and this is italicized text" once you post the message.

HTML is not permitted, but the message boards will automatically generate a link to any fully formed URL in your post. (e.g. http://www.lucasarts.com/games/)

I'm a horrible speller? Is there hope for me?
Even the best spellers on the boards can get so wrapped up in a discussion that they suffer from typos. To help with spelling, there is a spell check button in the same area as the HTML buttons when you post a message. You can use the spell check button before posting any message on the boards.

If our spell check dictionary doesn't recognize a word in your message, it will appear in a box. You can correct it yourself by simply typing over what is displayed. If the dictionary has any suggestions, you will be able to see them in the suggestion box.

To choose one of the suggestions, simply select the suggestion you'd like to use and click on the Change button for each of the words you would like changed.

Can I add images to my messages?
No, these message boards do not currently support the inclusion of images. However, if your post includes a fully-formed image URL, the forum will automatically generate a link to it, allowing other forum members to click and view the image.

When linking to an image on someone else's web server, please observe forum etiquette of linking to the web page holding the image rather than just to the image itself. (e.g. link to http://www.starwars.com/episode-i/snapshot/2001/03/snapshot20010306.html rather than http://www.starwars.com/episode-i/snapshot/2001/03/img/19579_bg.jpg).

Also do not link to inappropriate images or you could be banned from using the boards.

What are those smiling green faces that appear in the posts?
There is an assortment of Yoda-face graphics that automatically replace text-based emoticons. Or you can quickly choose one from the popup menu of Emotiyodacons in the message editing interface.

Can I edit my messages once they are posted?
Yes, you have the opportunity to edit any of your own posts within 15 minutes of the time of the original posting. This allows you to correct any errors you may find. An "Edit" link will be displayed in the message near the "Reply" link for posts you are eligible to make changes to. Messages that have been changed since their original posting are indicated as such, along with the modification date and time.

In general, post editing should be reserved for the correction of errors. If you wish to make additional comments about the topic at hand, it is better to submit a new post in the same message thread.

Note that forum Jedi (moderators) are also able to edit posts. They will do so sparingly, only when there is a simple correctible problem within an otherwise useful posting. Posts edited by forum Jedi are marked as such.

What's a personal profile? How can I change it?
Personal profiles are brief summaries of yourself and your interests that you share with other users (such as your favorite books, movies, sports teams, etc.) How much information you share is entirely up to you, and can be modified using the "My Settings" button. You can see a link to your member profile under your screen name.

How do I view user profiles?
To view the profile for any user who has posted to the forums, click on their username wherever you see it as a link. You can also search for them using the search feature.

How do I search the forums?
From the main page of the discussion forums, type your term(s) into the search box, select which forum(s) you want to search, and click the Go icon.

When you are in a Forum page, you can click on Search Forum to use an advanced search page where you can narrow your search by specifying a date range or filtering by username.

What do the different colored screen names mean?
Green - Forum Jedi Masters (Admins)
Blue - Forum Jedi (Moderators)
Yellow - Technical Support
Purple - VIP - these are people that are in some way officially connected to the LucasArts universe

What does "Posts" mean below my screen name?
The LucasArts forums keep track of how many message postings have been made from an account. This number is not significant other than as an interesting piece of trivia about the person who posted the comment. Posting simply to increase this count is strongly discouraged. Also, as the forum mods decide to delete old topic threads you may have actively posted in, your post count will not go down.

What are watches?
A watch notifies you by email if the thread you are interested in has been updated.

To add a thread to your watch list, click on the "Watch This Thread" link at the top of the thread page. Click on Stop Watching Thread to end the email notifications. After 30 days, inactive watches automatically expire. You can also watch forums, categories and users. For example, when a new message is posted in a forum you're watching then you'll be notified by email.

To see the current list of watches, click on "Your Control Panel" then "Watches". From this screen you can choose to receive email notifications when new posts are made. Just click on Add Email Notification next to the thread for which you want to be notified.

You can delete a watch by clicking in the Delete tick box for the watch you want to delete, then clicking the Delete button.

What are questions?
In order to filter through the general discussion "noise", users have the option to flag their post as a question. This provides the community a visual clue to the fact that the poster is wanting an answer to their question. The poster is able to see their open & resolved questions through their profile.

What are question answers?
When a community member posts a questions, other members are able to post an answer. In some cases, the answer is just some hints, or helpful information to aid the poster in resolving this issue. This is classified as a "Helpful" post. In other cases, a community member will post the specific answer to the original questions. This is classified as a "Correct" post. The originator of the post will be able to flag each response as either "Helpful" or "Correct", or not to flag a response at all. The originator of the post will also be able to "close the loop" on the question by flagging the entire post as answered, which provides a visual clue to the community members.

How do I get points for answering questions?
If you provide a response to another user's question, you are eligible to receive points from the question author. The question author will have the option to mark any response as either "helpful" or "answered", both of which will add points to your account. Those points will in turn increase your ranking (or status level) in the community.

Why reward points?
In order to increase community participation, the option exists to provide rewards to those who give helpful or correct answers to community members' posts. Over time, commmunity members accumlate points that increase their status level within the community. Certain point values are associated with helpful and correct responses, for example - 6 points for a helpful post and 10 points for correct post. Members can see their status level by Forum, Category, or at the main Community level.

What are "forum Jedi" or moderators?
Just as Jedi Knights were the guardians of the Old Republic, so the forum Jedi are volunteer moderators appointed by the LucasArts message board administrators to keep the peace. Forum Jedi can lock topics, delete individual posts or topics, redirect users to existing threads and in some cases prevent individuals from posting. Most importantly, they are on these boards to help users post efficiently and productively.

What is a "spoiler"? Where can I post one? How can I avoid them?
A "spoiler" is any information about an upcoming or recently released project (e.g. TFU2) that gives away part of the surprise. When Homer Simpson left the showing of The Empire Strikes Back and shouted, "I can't believe Darth Vader is Luke's father!" in front of the line of people waiting to see the next showing, that was a spoiler.

Of course, what is a spoiler is a gray area. For some, a character name might be a spoiler, for others only plot points are spoilers. In the LucasArts forums, always err on the side of caution. If your post will reveal something others may not want to know, be sure to warn potential victims in your subject line.

In what forum should I post my topic?
The LucasArts message boards are an ideal venue to discuss with other fans about everything from Monkey Island to The Force Unleashed.

The forum topics are also described on the main forum listing and should be self-explanatory. If you're in doubt, check the forums to find where similar topics are being discussed.

If you want to talk about known or speculated story points for Episode III, you must use the "Episode III" SPOILERS forum, and NOT the spoiler-free forum. (Conversely, please use the spoiler-free forum to discuss non-plot topics, like what movie you hope will carry the trailers.)

When should I start a new topic?
You should start a new topic only after you've taken a look around to see if the topic is already being discussed elsewhere. Forums run most smoothly when individual subjects are discussed in a single thread. The best way to see if you're topic is already being discussed is to look at the THREAD DIRECTORY which is always at the top of each forum section under the "Announcements" area. The thread directory (and possibly a newbie Read First guide), is often called "sticky" in message board speak, will have a thumbtack icon next to the title to indicate that it is already listed at the top of the forum.

Redundant threads will be closed by the forum Jedi moderators.

Can I swear here?
Profanity is strictly prohibited. While the definition of profanity can be broad, the LucasArts message boards are meant to be a family place. Always err on the side of caution. If you don't hear the word in the Star Wars films, don't use it here.

There is a filter in place for some basic profanity. However, ANY attempts to bypass such filtering by superficially altering spellings or characters is also prohibited, and the user will be banned.

What do the terms "spam", "troll", "sock" and "flame" mean? Is this OK?
"Spam" is any kind of unsolicited promotion or excessive posting of any kind. On-topic discussion of web happenings are allowed, but the LucasArts message boards are not an appropriate vehicle for traffic generation or production promotion. Spamming is prohibited.

A "troll" is one who is deliberately antagonizing or posts with the main purpose of getting a negative reaction. Trolling behavior is not permitted.

A "sock" (derived from the idea of a "sock puppet") is an individual who posts to the forums using two or more different screen name accounts. Sock behavior is not permitted.

"Flaming" is a personal attack on another member of the message boards. Lively discussion of ideas is important, discussion of each other as people is not. Insults, harassing and other forms of flaming are not permitted.

In all instances the user who insists on behaving this way will be banned from using the boards.

What's the difference among the words "board," "forum," "thread" and "post"?
Collectively, all the pages and elements official LucasArts discussion website are referred to in total as the "forums". They may also be called the "message board" or "boards".

An individual "forum" refers to the area designated for discussion of a single topical category. We have specific forums for "Episode II", "Collecting", "Fan Activities" and other topics of interest.

A post is a single message from a single user. When one or more posts are made in reply to an existing post, the resulting linked discussion is called a thread.

i.e. "Your post in the DVD deleted scene thread in the Episode I forum has served to enlighten the whole board."

It says my account has been frozen in carbonite? What does this mean?
Your use of the message boards has been restricted by one of the Forum Jedi moderators. While your account is frozen, you cannot make new posts. All other benefits of membership are still available to you. Also, if you have been frozen, your ability to post messages on LucasArts message boards is also frozen.

What can I do if I'm locked?
If your account is frozen, it is most likely because you are in violation of one of the Terms of Service. If you think you were frozen in error, you can still post in the Forum Feedback area of the message boards and explain your situation. This is a moderated forum, meaning that your posts are not instantly public, but are nonetheless visible to the moderators and administrators of the boards. If a moderator does not respond immediately to your question, it does not mean that it went unnoticed.

Not all locking are permanent. If the locking is temporary, a moderator will usually tell you how long the locking will last. For particularly extreme or repeated violation of the Terms of Service, a user account is permanently locked.

Where do I go to read important forum news and announcements?
From time to time, admins may need to let users know of upcoming issues on these boards or special alerts. Please make a habit of consulting the Welcome and Announcements area.